How to get wrinkles out of taffeta

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Taffeta is a smooth woven fabric usually made from silk fibres or from synthetics and associated mostly with formal wear, including ball gowns and wedding dresses. It is also notoriously difficult to deal with because though it wrinkles fairly easily, a simple iron is not the solution to removing the wrinkles. To keep your taffeta clothing looking its best, you need to treat it gently and avoid extreme heat.

Start with a wrinkle remover spray. These sprays work by relaxing the fibres of the material. To avoid discolouration or spotting on the dress, be sure to spray only the interior of the fabric. Also, make sure to apply a light misting. Avoid spraying too close to the materials and leaving droplets on the taffeta. For best results, spray about 30 cm (12 inches) away from the material.

Hang the dress in a steamy bathroom. Let the natural steam from the shower help relax the fibres in the dress. Be sure to hang the dress where it can't accidentally get splashed as water may stain the fabric. You may want to let it hang for several days in a moist environment.

Iron it. Using a steam iron set on a low temperature but with lots of steam. Place the taffeta over the small end of the ironing board and the over with a damp (not wet) towel. Check one area near the hem before moving to the main body of the outfit. Silks and synthetics can be damaged by heat, so try to protect the fabric from direct contact with the iron.

Steam it. Using a professional steamer such as those used in clothing stores, steam the taffeta using cool mist steam. Be careful not to let the water condense on the fabric and leave spots.

Take it to a professional. If all else fails, take your taffeta gown to a professional dry cleaner for pressing. The cleaners should be able to restore the fabric to a like new condition.

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