How to Change the Address on a Provisional Driving License

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A provisional driver's license is among the first steps in a young person's driving experience. Later in life the driver's license will become the de facto form of identification in nearly every application imaginable.

Youths achieve a sense of pride when they obtain their provisional licenses, knowing that a standard license is the next step on the road to driving freedom.

Changing information such as an address on these licenses is simple enough, and the steps below outline how to do it.

Call ahead, if possible, to make an appointment at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office. If it's not possible, simply walk in when you have plenty of time to spare.

Get a number and wait in line. Some DMV offices will take your name instead of giving a number.

Go to the desk or window whose representative called your name or number. Politely tell them you need to change the address on your provisional license. They will record your new address information.

Wait for a temporary printout or new license with your corrected address information. Some states will print out a new license immediately and give it to you, but most states will mail it to you. The DMV will likely charge you a fee for this process. Check with your individual state to find the price.