How to Change the Starting Troops in "Stronghold: Crusader Extreme"

"Stronghold: Crusader Extreme" is an enhanced version of "Stronghold: Crusader," the combat-focused offshoots of the medieval city-simulator "Stronghold." The game challenges players to build up a base within the Holy Land for citizens, soldiers and commanders, who then battle to reclaim territory and fight off enemy hordes. Set in the Crusades, the number of troops available to players is a central key: the starting number of troops can be changed before you've begun playing.

Select "Crusader" at the main menu.

Select the type of game you wish to play. Choosing "Normal" will start you out with a small number of troops and with little gold. Choosing "Crusader" will start the game with a greater number of troops but little gold, while "Deathmatch" mode gives a large amount of gold but sparse troops to start the game.

Choose the map you wish to play on, and click "OK" to start the game with your chosen troop levels.

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