How to Remove the Door Trim on a Ford Ka

The Ford Ka is marketed as a city car and sold in Europe and Latin America. The car has one pair of doors to access the front and rear seats. The panels on each door have a hard plastic door trim that surrounds the handles and power window buttons. To remove the trim, you'll have to take out four screws and unplug the door handle. This can be done in a few minutes with a single, cheap tool--a screwdriver.

Remove the screw near the 3 o'clock position on the door trim. This screw is closest to the door hinge.

Remove the screw at the bottom of the door trim. It sits vertically. Bend down to see it or feel with your fingers under the trim.

Remove the screw holding the door handle to the trim.

Pull the door handle from the trim by spiralling it counterclockwise and away from the trim. Do not jerk the door handle as it is still attached to the trim through the plug.

Pull the plug out of the back of the door handle. Some force is required.

Remove the last screw holding the door trim to the door panel. The screw is positioned parallel to the door panel where the door handle was. Pull the door trim off the door panel gently once the last screw is out.

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