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How to Remove the Door Handle From an Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Updated February 21, 2017

Alfa Romeo introduced the Giuletta in 1954. The first models under the Giuletta name included the Sprint, Spider and Berlina. Alfa Romeo brought back the Giuletta in 1977 after replacing it with the Giulia, with the new Alfetta models featuring a 1300 and a 1600cc engine. The race-style design includes rear handles inset in the column trim on the interior of the car so as not to be apparent. To remove the door handle from an Alfa Romeo Giuletta of any year is not a complicated process; the design of the handles has remained the same.

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  1. Locate the pivot point on the door handle. The pivot point is the circular end of the handle. The actual pivot connection is covered by a circular frame of trim that rests against the body panel of the door. Push the trim of the pivot point against the body panel of the door until the small spring lock ring underneath the pivot trim is revealed.

  2. Hook the bent end of a car pick under the ring and pry it out and over the pivot of the handle.

  3. Grab the door handle by the pivot point and pull it off the pivot gear. If the handle sticks, slide the blade of a flat head screwdriver between the pivot of the handle and the pivot gear in the door and pry it off.

  4. Locate the hidden handles in the rear seating area of the car. The handles are not hidden, but set flush into the column trim framing the window of the rear door. Pull the handle up and look underneath it to locate the pivot access plug. The plug is a circular piece of plastic set into the body panel surrounding the handle, and you can see the seam between the plug and the panel once the handle is lifted.

  5. Insert the end of a small flat screwdriver into one of the slots in the seam between the pivot access plug and the body handle and pry the pivot access plug out.

  6. Hook the end of the door handle locking pin through the open pivot access plug hole with a bent car pick while holding the door handle up. Lower the door handle and pull the pin out.

  7. Lift the door handle out of the door.

  8. Tip

    Do not force any of the parts when removing a door handle, or the body panels, especially on the newer models, can become damaged and unsightly. Nothing about removing the door handle should require force; worked from the right angle all pins and rings will come free easily.


    Make sure that you disable any alarm on the car before removing the door handle, or you could trigger it.

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Things You'll Need

  • Small pick pin (with 90 degree end)
  • Flat screwdriver (small)

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