How to Remove the Door Handles From a Mini Cooper

yellow mini cooper headlight image by MAXFX from

Car door handles get a lot of abuse, and over time, these handles can break, leaving you to find alternative methods to getting into the car. If the handle is broken on your MINI Cooper, fixing the problem is as simple as taking out the old one and replacing it with a new one, but it takes a little time and the right tools.

Wedge the flathead screwdriver between the silver panel on the interior door panel and the arm rest. Pry off the silver panel with the screwdriver. Remove the cover around the tweeter, reflector and speakers in the same fashion. Remove the screw underneath the reflector using a torx-head driver.

Slide the head of the interior panel clip removal tool between the door and door panel, then pull it back to pop off the clips holding the door panel in place. Work your way around the panel until the door panel is hanging by the window ledge. Unplug the door light bulb using your hands.

Reach inside the door panel and locate the door lock cable. Twist the cable out of the lock mechanism on the handle using your hands. Then, unbolt the door handle from the door using a hex-head driver.

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