How Can I Connect My Phone to My Laptop Via Bluetooth?

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Connecting your phone to a laptop via Bluetooth makes it easy to transfer files and contacts from one Bluetooth device to another. In fact, on cell phones with data tethering connections, you can even share the Internet connection over a Bluetooth personal area network. While most phones have Bluetooth capabilities, it is far from a standard feature on laptop computers. Before attempting to pair via Bluetooth, make sure your computer has an internal Bluetooth radio or one that connects via USB.

Open the Bluetooth control panel on your laptop. This can be done in several ways. The easiest is to find the "Taskbar" in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Right click on the Bluetooth logo and select "Add a device." You can also open the Bluetooth menu in the Windows "Control Panel," located in the "Start" menu.

Alternatively, in Windows Vista and Windows 7, you can type "Bluetooth" in the search bar at the bottom of the "Taskbar." A list of search results will be shown; choose "Add a Bluetooth device" to start the pairing wizard.

Turn your phone's Bluetooth on. Look at the top of your phone screen for the Bluetooth logo. If you see a Bluetooth icon, your phone's Bluetooth radio is turned on and the computer should locate the cell phone without incident. If there is no Bluetooth logo, go into your phone's "Settings" menu and make sure the Bluetooth setting is switched to "On."

Select the right device. Back in the "Add a device" window on your computer, select the phone you want to pair and press "Next" or double click on the device name.

Enter the pairing pass code. Some Bluetooth cell phones require a pass code when being paired to a new device. If you are prompted to enter a pass code and are unsure of what it is, enter "0000," as many devices use this as the default code. Other devices will prompt you to create a personal pass code that must be entered on both devices when first paired. Once the pass code is entered, press "Next."

Use the Bluetooth connection. Once the pass code is entered, the Bluetooth connection is active. Depending on the capabilities of your cell phone, you may be able to see the Bluetooth connection in your "Computer" menu, letting you drag and drop files from one device to the other. If your phone supports Internet sharing, you can create a personal area network to connect to the Internet via your phone by right clicking on the Bluetooth icon in the "Taskbar" and choosing "Connect to PAN" or similar, depending on the version of Windows you use.

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