How to Make Plaster of Paris Hand Prints

hands image by Cathy Kovarik from

Plaster of Paris hand prints is one way to remember how small your child's hands were at a certain age. Plaster of Paris can be purchased at a number of craft stores as well as some big box stores.

Once the plaster of Paris is mixed, it will dry fairly quickly, so be prepared to put your child's hands into the mixture not too long after you are done making it. You may have to use an incentive to keep your child from struggling while the print is being made, but the effort will be well rewarded with a lasting memory of your child's hands.

Stir 1 1/4 cups of water into two cups of plaster of Paris. Get all of the plaster of Paris moist so it becomes thick and soupy.

Pour the plaster of Paris into a paper plate. Make sure the plaster of Paris is about 1 inch thick so it will not break later.

Wait about two minutes for the plaster of Paris to set. Press your child's hands softly into the plaster of Paris, being careful not to push all the way through to the paper plate.

Hold your child's hands in the plaster of Paris for about two minutes.

Leave the plaster of Paris hand prints out overnight so it can dry completely. The following day, remove the paper plate from the plaster of Paris. You can place a hook on the back of the cast, place it in a plate rack or display it however you like.