DIY Male Gladiator Costume

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A gladiator is a powerful and strong figure in history and can translate into an impressive and unique homemade costume. A gladiator costume can be easily created through items found in your own home, or with a few small purchases at a local craft or vintage store.

Gladiators are generally scantily clad, so the person wearing the costume must be relatively comfortable with his body.

Measure from your belly button over your shoulder to the top of your lower back. Measure the width between your shoulders as well. Cut a rectangle from a piece of cardboard or poster board as wide as your shoulder blades and as long as your belly button to your back.

Cut a square in the centre of the rectangle for your head to fit through. Cover the entire top of the board with glue and press foil down onto the board to cover it entirely. This will be the chest armour for the costume.

Cut a large circle, at least a foot in diameter, out of cardboard. Cover the entire circle with glue and coat with foil. Glue a rubber band to the back of the circle to easily hold it in your hand. This will be the shield for the costume.

Cut a brown or denim skirt into strips or pleats. Wear a pair of dark coloured shorts under the skirt.

Cut a strip of cardboard to attach to the top of a baseball cap. Glue the strip to the top of the hat. Glue feathers to line the top of the strip.