How to spot real celebrity Facebook accounts

In order to maintain their image and uphold a strong fan base, celebrities utilise social network websites such as Facebook to attempt to communicate with their fans around the world. Since Facebook is a public domain where millions of users can create accounts, it is easy to create a fake celebrity Facebook account. To spot a real celebrity Facebook account, there are certain characteristics you should seek for genuine verification.

Visit the celebrity's official website. Since Facebook is such a popular social networking site, celebrities will most likely post a link to their official Facebook page if they have one. The link should take you directly to the celebrity's real Facebook page. For example, if you are trying to find Lebron James' official Facebook page, go to and locate his Facebook link in the bottom-left corner of the home page.

Search for the celebrity in the search toolbar at the top of your Facebook account. Make sure you type his first and last name correctly. The number of "Fans" or "Friends" the celebrity has is a good indication whether the celebrity Facebook account is legitimate.

Observe the spelling of the celebrity's profile name. Since Facebook scans its database for duplicate and fraudulent accounts, high profiled celebrity accounts are targeted and monitored more heavily. As a result, fake celebrity accounts or impersonators will have misspellings in the profile name. For example, Tom Cruise could be misspelled as "Tom Cruze."

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