How to adjust venetian blinds

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Horizontal Venetian blinds can be the most conventional and popular way to outfit a home with window treatments. These blinds come in a variety of colours, styles and materials to help match your home decor. Blinds can be custom-fit to a window, but often times they may be too wide or the length is too long for the desired space. It is possible to adjust the length and width of blinds yourself, though width adjustment is easiest for vinyl blinds. It takes a few basic materials to perform the task.

Decrease the width on vinyl Venetian blinds by cutting down the valance, head rail and slats with a hacksaw. Use your measuring tape to take the new measurements and draw a line with a pen, where you'll need to trim them.

Remove the small metal piece or end stiffener from the end of the head rail. Cut the head rail with a hacksaw on the mark you made. Squeeze the end of the head rail shut with pliers, but first replace the end stiffener where you found it.

Bind thick rubber bands around the blinds, and make sure the ends are aligned. Cover the ends of the slats with masking tape so you do not damage them. Use the measuring tape, and mark the where you need to cut them with your pen. Saw off the excess amount of blind. Use a dull blade to prevent damaging the slats.

Draw a line with a pen on the valance where you need to cut it, about 1/8 inch inside the window measurement for an inside mount. Make the cut slowly to avoid chipping.

Slide the head rail back in place before you hang the blinds back on the wall.

Determine the desired length of the blinds, and mark the lowest necessary slat to achieve you preferred length.

Pull off the plastic plugs beneath the bottom rail with a flat screwdriver. Save them in a safe place for later.

Take out the lift cord from the bottom rail by cutting the knot in the end with scissors or untying it with your fingers.

Remove excess slats through the string ladders. Only take out the necessary number of slats.

Slide off the bottom rail and push it into the ladder string just beneath the last slat. Push the string through the opening in the bottom rail and tie a large knot in the end of the string, just under the bottom rail.

Check the length of the cords and blinds to make sure they hang correctly. Snip the excess string with scissors, just below the knot. Shove the extra cords through the opening in the bottom rail and put the plugs back in place.

Hang the blinds back above the window and make sure they work properly. Pull the lift cord and raise and lower the blinds. Make any necessary adjustments at this time.

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