How to Use Adjustable Curtain Hooks

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Curtain hooks allow you to hang your drapes and curtains on a rod or wire very easily. They also make it very easy to hang different types of curtains in your home as adjustable curtain hooks can work with a large variety of seam lengths. Curtain hooks use the seam at the top of your curtain to attach the curtain to a rod.

Make sure that there is a top seam on your curtain panel. You must have a seam in order to use adjustable curtain hooks. If a seam does not already exist you can create one by folding the fabric back on itself and sewing a whipstitch from one end of the curtain to the other. This should create a little pocket along the top of your curtains. In order to keep your curtain hooks invisible you will want to sew the left and right openings of the pocket closed.

Measure the height of the seam on the curtain panel.

Adjust your curtain hooks so that they are equal to the height of the curtain seam. Slide the curved part of the hook up and down on the track until it is at the desired height.

Slip the sharp part of the curtain hook into the seam on the top of the curtain panel.

Continue to add curtain hooks to the curtain panel, being sure to space them out evenly along the top seam.

Attach the hooks to the curtain rod or wire.

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