How to Make Your Own Latch Hook Patterns Online

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Latch hook hobbyists often enjoy attaching small pieces of coloured yarn to a mesh canvas. Using a special hook, you must follow the coloured latch hook pattern, select yarn pieces of the correct colour and attach them to the canvas. Although making a standard design included in a kit can make an attractive finished piece, you can also make your own latch hook patterns online. Upload photos or scan a drawing into your computer and then upload it to a free pattern generator.

Select a photo for your latch hook design. When choosing a photo, select one without extraneous background distractions, if possible, or edit the photo with a photo-editing program. If you are using a drawing, scan it into your computer and save it as a JPEG file.

Open your photo editor, and open the photo in your photo-editing program. Crop the photo so that the focal point is the main part of your picture. Save the cropped photo by naming it a different name other than the original photo.

Visit the LeftSource website to upload your photo or drawing to have it converted to a latch hook design. Click the "Browse" button to navigate to the location of the file and click "Send File" to upload the photo.

View the resulting design. Adjust settings such as the number of yarn colours used in the design, the brand of yarn and the finished dimensions of the project. When you like the resulting design, click "Print/view your project" to see a PDF file of your project.

Save the PDF file on your computer and print out the directions to enable you to follow it to make the latch hook project.

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