How to Enable a Bluetooth Mini

In the interest of safety and convenience, some Mini Coopers are equipped with Bluetooth capability for operating your mobile phone. Calls can be made or accepted at the push of a button or, if your Mini is so equipped, with the sound of your voice. Before you start using your Bluetooth device with your Mini, you must perform a one-time set up, called a "pairing", so your Mini and your phone can communicate with each other.

Press the "Menu" button. You will see three options listed in the display: "PHONE", "BC" and "CONFIG".

Press the "PHONE" button. You will see "Please pair telephone in BT menu" along with three options: "SEARCH", "BT" and an arrow.

Press the "BT" button. You will see the Bluetooth menu with six options in the display.

Press the "SEARCH" button.

Turn the control knob clockwise to read the entire message on the display, and you will see the Bluetooth name of your Mini.

Refer to your phone's operating manual to determine how to connect or link your phone to another Bluetooth device.

Perform the necessary steps on your phone to connect or link your phone to the Mini.

When prompted, select your Mini's Bluetooth name on your phone's display.

Enter your predetermined Bluetooth passkey on the keypad of your phone when prompted.

Press the "ADD" button.

Enter the Bluetooth passkey using the toggle buttons under the appropriate numerals on the display. Note: You have 30 seconds to perform steps 1 to 3 in this section.

Press the "OK" button when you are finished. You should see the message "Bluetooth pairing successful" on the radio display.

Press "OK" again.

Press the "Menu" button.

Press the "PHONE" button.

Press the "BT" button.

Press the "ON" or "OFF" button as appropriate.

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