How to make an easy alien costume

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Halloween is a big reason you might need a quick alien costume, but other occasions include school plays and costume parties. The key to an easy costume is to keep it simple and fun. Combine products you already have around the house with inexpensive chemist items to create a memorable costume.

Choose colours for your costume. While an alien can be any colour you choose, many people will easily recognise green as the colour of "Martians," as well as colours such as silver and muted blue.

Gather the supplies you'll need to create the costume. You might already have some items, such as aluminium foil, a headband, pipe cleaners, tights and a simple skirt and T-shirt. Make sure all the items match or are a combination of silver and green or silver and the colour you have chosen. If you own a silver belt, purse or jacket, these can add to the look.

Go crazy with the materials. Even though the costume itself is simple, the fun factor is in the way you create the overall alien look. Consider using items such as lightweight aluminium pie pans or clean metal funnels as a hat.

Colour your face and skin with stage make-up that matches your costume. Do this before getting dressed to avoid getting the make-up on your costume. During the Halloween season, you can find this products at your local department store. At other times of the year, you might have to get it from a costume supply or craft store.

Attach fake silver lashes to your eye lashes and apply silver eye make-up if you are a female alien. You can find these items at most costume shops.

Tease hair if you want it to look big. Spray it with your hair colour, which should also match your costume.

Put on the clothing you've chosen and add matching tights.

Attach aluminium foil balls to the headband by hooking a pipe cleaner securely to the inside of the ball and then covering it with more foil. Wrap the other end of the pipe cleaner around the headband for an easy antennae.

Sprinkle glitter from head to toe. Go outside to do it to avoid getting glitter all over your house.

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