Care of Oiled Nubuck Leather

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Nubuck leather is premium leather made from high quality raw hides. It is thick with a velvet-like finish. Naturally waterproof, it is good leather for hiking boots as well as camping or fishing shoes. You may also find sofa covers, car seat covers and clothing made from nubuck leather. Such products have a long life and are available generally in dark shades of brown or black. Caring for oiled nubuck leather is not very difficult. It is largely preventive care that you need to perform.

Spray your nubuck leather with water/stain repellent before you use it. Sprinkle a little water on the leather; if it beads up you have applied enough of the repellent. Once water stops beading up on your leather, it’s time to spray it again.

Use sandpaper or a rubber-tipped brush to completely brush down the leather and remove any surface dirt and superficial stains after each use. Use lanolin-based conditioner to spruce up the leather.

Use mild stain remover immediately if you notice a stain. An oil block will also absorb some stains and will help scrape the leather. Use a nubuck brush to take a bit of the stain remover or oil block and rub it over the leather.

Use the conditioner and waterproof/stain repellent spray on your nubuck leather, depending on how often you use the leather item. If you use it occasionally, you can treat it once a month. If you use it frequently, such as wearing nubuck leather shoes for weekly fishing trips or the like, a weekly rubdown is good. For extremely rugged use, buff up your shoes each time you take them off.

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