How to freeze fresh tuna

Image by Tony Weeg Photography; Flickr.

Freezing fresh tuna is not like freezing just any food. Fresh tuna must be frozen carefully to avoid freezer burn. Tuna that is not properly frozen can develop a foul taste and smell, and can also carry disease and cause illness.

Taking the time to properly freeze tuna will result in fish that is free of bacteria and cooks properly when thawed.

Prepare a solution of salt and water. The salt will prevent moisture from leaving the fresh tuna. It will also help the tuna stay firm.

Dip the tuna in the salt water solution for one minute.

Wrap the tuna in cling film.

Place the tuna in a resealable freezer bag. Before closing the bag, ensure you press all the air out of the bag.

Place the tuna in the coldest part of your freezer. Keep the fish frozen for up to three months.