How to Clean a Brother Laser Printer

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Laser printers have a number of advantages over inkjet printers, including faster print speeds and superior quality. Laser printers also have specific cleaning and maintenance requirements. A well-maintained Brother laser printer can provide many years of trouble-free service, but a neglected one could break down soon after it's put into service.

Lift the cover of the toner compartment and grasp the toner cartridge by the handle. Carefully lift the toner out of the printer and set it aside.

Vacuum the inside of the Brother laser printer thoroughly. A small hand-held vacuum cleaner designed for cleaning computers works well for this task. Vacuum any accumulated paper dust and toner residue. Clean the interior of the printer with a soft cloth to remove remaining residue.

Clean the exterior of the toner cartridge thoroughly. Be sure no toner is leaking from the cartridge. If the cartridge has a leak, it should be replaced immediately. A leaking toner cartridge can severely damage your laser printer.

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