How to Remove Wrinkles From Suede Garments

The best way to care for a suede garment when it comes to wrinkles is to store it properly on a broad hanger in a cool dry place, which will nearly always prevent the wrinkles entirely. However, occasionally something gets overlooked and a suede garment may be folded with other clothes or even stored in plastic, which can cause serious wrinkling or worse--mildew. If you have a wrinkled suede garment on your hands and fear that it is ruined, do not give up hope. You can probably get the wrinkles out with a little time and patience.

Hang the garment carefully on the wooden hanger. If it is a coat or shirt, make sure that the hanger gives it as much shape as possible. If the garment is a pair of trousers, then do not clip the suede, but fold it over the broad beam of the hanger.

Hang the garment in a cool, dry area of the house. It can be nearly anywhere, but do not shut it in, such as in a closet, or expose it to direct sunlight. You should allow the garment to hang there for 48 hours, during which time most of the wrinkles will likely fall out.

Brush the suede using a suede brush. While the garment is still hanging, brush the suede nap with the suede brush. Always use a brush designed for suede garments, not a wire bristle brush. This should finish off any stubborn wrinkles.

Start wearing your garment. Once you have got the wrinkles out to the best of your ability, the final cure for wrinkles in suede is to wear your garment. As it moves with you, it will lose the creases and folds that it developed in storage and become perfectly suited to your body.

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