How to Remove Fabric From a Stuck Zipper Images

In the world of clothes, zippers are indispensable. They are used in approximately 85 per cent of the clothing produced. Not only are they functional in keeping seams closed, but they have been recently used as a part of the design in dresses, shoes and other garments.

So, when one of these zippers gets stuck in the fabric, knowing how to get it unstuck can save your favourite outfits.

Hold the fabric taut below the zipper. Keeping resistance on the zipper helps to line up the fabric and the zipper pull, reducing the chance of tearing the material.

Work the zipper carefully in the opposite direction it was being pulled when the fabric became lodged. Carefully and gently pull the material away from the zipper while pulling on the zipper. This should un-lodge the fabric from behind the zipper's pull.

Repeat step two until all of the fabric is away from the zipper pull. Take your time doing this, and the fabric should free itself from the zipper with no damage done to the garment.