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How to Iron Voile

Voile fabrics are a light weight fabric made from cotton or blended with polyester and linen. These fabrics are popular in Sri Lanka or hot countries because of their light weight. The sheerness of the fabric attracts owners of modern homes to use this as a light window covering as well as using the fabric as mosquito netting. Because of the light weight, ironing voile can be a little tricky.

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  1. Place a lightweight piece of fabric over your ironing board and then put your voile fabric down onto the ironing board.

  2. Begin ironing your voile fabric with your iron on the lowest setting. Or use a cool iron for ironing your voile curtains or other delicate items.

  3. Remove wrinkles easily with a quick pass of your iron, pressing very lightly onto your voile fabric without using too much pressure.

  4. Increase your irons heat settings if the cool iron does not remove the wrinkles. Test a piece of fabric with each increase of your iron's heat settings.

  5. Hang your voile fabric after you are done ironing to prevent wrinkles and let the fabric cool.

  6. Tip

    Steaming your voile fabric while hanging it up is an alternative to ironing. Test a piece of your voile fabric with your iron before you iron the whole piece, to check for damage. Store your voile fabric by hanging it to prevent wrinkles. Machine wash your voile fabric and hang it to dry.

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