Tips to Removing Iron on Fusible Webbing From Fabric

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Seamstresses use fusible webbing to bond two pieces of fabric together. Some fusible webbing requires adhesive while others are iron-on. Iron-on adhesive creates a strong bond that not even a rough cycle in a washing machine and dryer can break. This is convenient for hemming or appliqué, but it can be inconvenient if you've bonded two pieces of fabric with iron-on fusible webbing that you now want to remove. Following some tips and tricks, however, can break the webbing bond.

Use Steam

Iron-on fusible webbing uses heat to fuse itself to a piece of fabric. Because of this, you can also use heat to remove the webbing. Turn your iron to its hottest steam setting and place it one inch above the fused side of the fabric. Push the steam button to produce steam for at least 10 seconds. Peel off the webbing when it is still warm but not hot. If it is too hot for you to touch, peel it off with the back of a metal spoon. Do not directly place the iron on the webbing as it can fuse to the surface of the iron.

Repeat the Process

Iron-on fusible webbing is difficult to remove because it may not all come off in one attempt. Therefore, steam the webbing several times and peel it off. This is especially important to remove a large amount of webbing.

Use Another Piece of Fabric

Even after you have removed all scraps of the fusible webbing, some of the adhesive may still be attached to the back of the piece of fabric. To remove, dampen a piece of lightweight fabric and place it on the adhesive side of the original piece of fabric. Press the iron on it and immediately peel the second piece of fabric off. The adhesive should transfer to the second piece of fabric. This may take several attempts to completely remove.

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