How to Iron the New Crinkle Fabric Blouses

iron image by Goran Bogicevic from

Crinkled fabric refers to a fabric that has been treated--chemically or mechanically--to create a textured, crinkly effect. Fabrics that can be crinkle-treated include cotton, velvet, wool and silk. Many people love crinkle fabric because it is low-maintenance.

Because of the wrinkled effect, it does not need to be ironed often, if ever. However, large or deep wrinkles can form within crinkle fabric blouses, requiring special care when ironing.

Plug in the iron and set it to the lowest temperature possible.

Open the ironing board and place it near the iron.

Undo the buttons on the crinkle fabric blouse and lay it out on the ironing board, inside out.

Flatten the material with your hand so that it lies completely flat.

Place a pressing cloth on top of the crinkle fabric blouse.

Run the iron along the fabric in straight, upward motions.