How to Donate Hospital Supplies to Third World Countries

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In remote or very poor locations across the world, common medical supplies are in very high demand. Western hospitals and concerned individuals can help by donating excess hospital supplies to charities for use in hospitals and medical centres in developing countries. Because donated goods must be pre-screened and cleared, it is best to donate to a reputable charity that can take on the responsibility of getting your medical donations to their proper destination.

Ask your local hospital if they participate in a medical supply donation campaign with a specific charity. There are some hospitals that accept donations of supplies or have a strategic link with a medical charity.

Search for a charity that can accept and distribute hospital supplies on, an independent website that rates the effectiveness of national and international charities. Organizations like MedShare and Direct Relief International allow corporations and hospitals to donate excess supplies, but not individuals.

Contact the individual or fill out the donor form specified by the charity or hospital to find out if your donation is needed and can be accepted.

Sterilise your donations and seal them in plastic before handing them over to the hospital or organisation.

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