How to make kids space costumes

astronaute 1950s standing image by patrimonio designs from

Space, the final frontier; if you go there you will need a suit. To make a realistic enough space suit to keep you alive in pretend outer space you will need a few things from a thrift store and a hardware store. You can get your NASA patches online or paint them on with fabric paint.

You can also vary your colours, patches and decorations to a make a suit to fit your own sci-fi reality.


Sew long zipper down the front of the sweat shirt. Sew three smaller zippers diagonally onto one thigh of the tracksuit bottoms. These are just for show and are not meant to unzip anything.

Sew a NASA patch over right breast and American flag onto the left shoulder.

Spray paint work gloves, back pack and snow boots white.

Glue hose from back pack to the front of the shirt.


Draw an oval about 17.5 cm (7 inches) wide by 12.5 cm (5 inches) high on the pail.

Make a pilot hole in the plastic with a hammer and nail and cut out the oval with shears.

Cut the foam to fit into the bottom of the trash pail. Make it as thick as you need to level the eyes with the hole in the pail.

Paint the helmet white.