Ideas to Loosen Braids on Extensions

Creatas/Creatas/Getty Images

Braids are used as a base for hair extensions that are sewn in. Often, many stylists make the braids tight so that the extensions can last longer. Although this may be beneficial for you, tight braids can add tension to your hairline, which can create bumps and eventually cause the hair near the hairline to fall out.

If the braids underneath your extensions are too tight, there are a few ways that you can loosen the braids to make them more bearable.

Warm Shower

Take a warm shower. Allow the water to cascade through your extensions and onto your braids. The heat of the water will penetrate your scalp, which will not only sooth your aching head, but help to slightly loosen the braids. You should wash your extensions everyday until the braids become bearable.

Remove Hair From the Braid

Use the end of a rattail comb to pull the hair around your hairline out of the braid. This will remove tension from your hairline and loosen the braid as well. Insert the end of the rattail comb into the braid about an inch from your hairline, and then slowly force the hair out of the braid. Continue this process for the remaining braids around your hairline.

Massage Your Scalp

Massage your hairline and scalp with olive or peppermint oil. This will soothe your scalp and loosen the braids around your hairline. Additionally, spray a few mists of olive or peppermint oil onto the braids underneath your extensions to loosen them up as well.

Use Leave-In Conditioner

Lift up your hair extensions and spray a few mists of leave-in conditioner onto the braids. Continue this process for each braid. Leave-in conditioner will help keep your hair moisturised which also prevents the hair included in the braid from breaking off or shedding. You should spray your braids with leave-in conditioner after you have washed them.