How to Preserve Dried Flowers With Clear Resin

Flowers often commemorate significant events and people have been saving dried flowers as a token of events for hundreds of years. The problem with saving dried flowers is that as the flower dries out, it becomes increasingly fragile and delicate, which makes handling or touching the flowers nearly impossible. This also means that displayed flowers will become dusty over time, and they cannot be cleaned without destroying them. One solution is to coat the flower in polyresin.

Fill an airtight plastic container with one inch of silica gel. Do this in a location where the container will not be disturbed and is not in sunlight. Silica gel is a granular mixture that looks a little like salt. It can be reused for drying many times.

Invert a small glass votive holder so that the glass bottom is just above the gel.

Place one or more flower heads on the glass surface and seal the lid on the container. Allow three to five days for the flower heads to dry out.

Remove the flower heads and use floral tape and wire to create a stem. Twist the bottom of the wire stem into a wide base so that the flower head stands up, allowing you to work on it.

Spray the head with dried flower sealant and allow the flower head to dry completely.

Coat the flower head with a thin coat of polyurethane resin using a small artist paint brush. You may need to thin a small amount of the resin with resin solvent. You can use thicker coats as the resin builds up. Allow each coat to dry in between and recoat the flower heat five or six times until the petals have the resin appearance you desire.

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