How to build a Ferris wheel as a school project

peterkai/iStock/Getty Images

Building a Ferris wheel is one way to show physics at play. The reason carts of the Ferris wheel rotate around the axis without people in them plummeting to the ground is a mystery, unless you understand the basics of physics. This is why many teachers assign the task of building a Ferris wheel to their students.

Building a Ferris wheel may feel like a daunting task, but with some time, patience and planning, you can surely build a Ferris wheel for your school project. Simply follow a few easy steps.

Cut two circles that are 30 cm (12 inches) in diameter out of the cardboard. Ensure that the circles are exactly the same size.

Divide each of the two circles into seven equal wedges, much like a slice of pie. Draw lines with a marker to show the dividing lines of the wedges so you can identify each of the wedges easily.

Decorate your Ferris wheel with markers, construction paper, glue and paint. Though decorations are not necessary to the function of your Ferris wheel, they can make the Ferris wheel more visually appealing.

Use the markers to draw people riding the Ferris wheel. The people should be on the inside of each wedge.

Use your scissors to cut a small "X" into the cardboard approximately 2.5 cm (1 inch) from the outside of the circle. Cut one "X" on each of the wedges of cardboard.

Push a marker through one of the "X" marks on one circle. Then push the marker through the corresponding "X" on the remaining circle. Repeat this for each of the "X" marks on the cardboard.