How to Find the Manufacturing Dates for PING Golf Clubs

PING was founded by Karsten Solheim in 1959 as the result of Mr. Solheim's disgust with his own putting. He began developing a putter that made a distinctive "ping" sound when it struck the ball. Now known worldwide as a leading golf club manufacturer, PING continues to develop new technologies in putters, irons, drivers and fairway metal clubs to improve golf games everywhere.

Locate the model type of your PING clubs. The model is identified on the back of the club face. Some examples are I3, G2 and Rhapsody.

Locate the serial number on the club shaft near the hosel. PING iron sets are matched by serial number to ensure consistent design throughout the set.

Call PING customer service at (800) 474-6434 and select option 1. Provide the representative your model and serial number, and she will provide the original specifications and manufacturing date for your set. Alternately, e-mail your model and serial number to to request the manufacturing information.

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