How to Set the Time on an Arnette Digital Watch

Watch image by Aqeel Ahmed from

Arnette is well-known for its line of designer sunglasses and, for a short period, expanded its fashion line into the making of digital timepieces. Arnette no longer manufactures digital watches, but many of these limited and timeless pieces are still in use.

Setting the time on these watches is an easy, and vital, task to complete.

Press and hold the "Mode" button on your watch for three seconds until you see the flashing numbers.

Use the top and bottom buttons on the left side of your Arnette watch to decrease and increase the number values.

Press and hold the "Mode" button repeatedly to exit the time setting screen. You will know if you set the time for your watch when the digital numbers stop flashing.

Set the date by pressing the "Mode" button until you see the date setting screen. Use the top and bottom buttons on the left side of the watch to set the date. Press the "Mode" button until the digital numbers have stopped flashing.