How to Remove Links from a Rolex Watch Band

If your Rolex watch is fitting too loosely on your wrist, you can remove a link to make the bracelet smaller. The main difference between Rolex links and other watch links is that the pins that hold Rolex links together are actually tiny screws.

Lay a soft cloth down on a flat surface. Place your Rolex on the cloth to prevent scratching while you are removing the link.

Turn your Rolex on its side so that the links are vertical. Look at the edge of the links near the clasp. On one edge you will see small slits for a screwdriver, and on the other side you will see small smooth circles, which are the pin bottoms. You will be unscrewing the pins from the side where the screwdriver slits are. Only a few links on each side of the clasp have screws, because only a few links are able to be removed.

Unscrew two pins from any two links on either the right or left side of the clasp. Be careful not to scratch the bracelet when you are unscrewing the pins. You can find the correctly sized screwdriver in a jeweller's screwdriver kit (which should come with screwdrivers ranging from 0.6mm to 3mm in size).

Remove one link that is no longer attached to the bracelet. Save the extra link and its pin in a safe place, because you may need them in the future.

Slide the two separated links together so their pin holes line up. Insert the pin into the hole and screw it, so that the top of the pin is flush with the link.

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