How to Convert MS Project Files to PDF Files

Microsoft Project is a program used to plan, schedule and obtain control over projects. Converting Project files into PDF files is an easy way to share project information with your team or with others outside of your team. By using a PDF file, the recipient of the file doesn't have to have access to the Microsoft Project application. This comes in handy when sending it to people using different operating systems because PDF files are multi-platform. It is quite easy to convert a Microsoft Project file into a PDF file.

Open the Microsoft Project file you want to convert. You can double-click the Microsoft Project file from its saved location or choose "File" and then "Open" from within Microsoft Project. If you are using Project 2007, click on the "Office" button and then "Open."

Print the document as a PDF. Go to "File" and then "Print." In Project 2007, click the "Office" button and then "Print." Choose "Adobe PDF Printer" or another PDF printer and click "OK." The file is converted into a PDF format and opens up in Adobe Reader.

Click "File" and "Save a Copy" to save the new PDF file to the desired location.

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