How to Replace the Glass in a Patio Table

If the glass in your patio table breaks, it can be replaced with a few simple measurements and considerations. A table top with a hole in the centre or one with a unique shape may require more time to produce but are still possible to replace without much trouble. Tempered glass is usually the best option for a replacement top, as it is designed to withstand stresses that would break normal glass. It also breaks into small pebble-like fragments rather than sharp shards of glass, making it less dangerous. Acrylic is another option, but it scratches more easily than glass.

Measure the size for the replacement table top. If there is a frame, the glass should just fit inside the frame with up to a one-eighth inch leeway on each side. If there is a hole in the centre, measure exactly where it is placed as well as the diameter.

Trace the pattern for the table top onto a large piece of paper if needed. Note any specific shape or design criteria that need to be met, such as rounded corners or arched sides. If the table top is a standard shape a pattern is not required.

Consider the finishing options, such as the edge and the colour of the glass. For example, the edges can be rounded, bevelled, seamed, polished or flat and there are colours such as grey, black, frosted or bronze available.

Contact a number of local or online glass stores to obtain the best quote. Inquire about delivery and installation options as well. Depending on the size, the table top may be very heavy and require special handling.

Upon delivery, install the glass table top onto the frame or pedestal using gloves and safety glasses as needed.

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