How to Find a Film by Plot

Remembering the plot of a film--but not the title--can be frustrating. Do not despair or give up your search, however. You can find a film by plot alone without the title by using a search engine on a website. This search engine will search through databases and return film titles in response to your search terms. Choose several keywords associated with the film plot and search with those keywords.

Visit and select "Titles of Keywords."

Think about the plot of the film you are trying to locate. Choose several keywords associated with the plot. For example, in the film "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," the setting was New Orleans. "New Orleans" would be a suitable keyword to use if you were searching for this film.

Enter a keyword into the field. In this example, you would enter "New Orleans" and click "Go."

View the results of your keyword search. In this example, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" is the No. 1 result. The search engine will provide the 15 top returns for your keyword search. If the film you are seeking is not in the list of films, press the "Back" button and search with a different keyword.

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