How to Clean Natuzzi Leather

Natuzzi is high quality Italian-made furniture. Natuzzi has been called the world leader in making leather furniture. Natuzzi leathers come in two basic covering styles: Natural, which can be thought of as original style leather, and Protecta, which is leather that is covered with a thin layer of protective film. Natuzzi leather improves in appearance over time if properly cleaned.

Set the sweeper to medium suction and gently vacuum the surface of the Natuzzi leather to remove dust and loose dirt. Dusting is the only routine cleaning recommended by the Natuzzi company.

Moisten the soft white cloth lightly with water to remove water soluble stains. Rub the spot in tiny, feathery motions working inward from the outer edge of the spot. Avoid saturating the leather and dry the area immediately after wiping away the spot.

Lift greasy spots off of the leather using an absorbent paper. Be careful not to press on the spot because this pushes the grease into the pores of the leather.

Mix water with a colourless mild soap to make a diluted cleaning solution. Wet the soft cloth and rub the spot, working inward from the outer edge of the spot just like you did in Step 2. Do not get the leather too wet and dry it immediately after cleaning the spot.

Order a cleaner/conditioner kit from a Natuzzi certified dealer if you are not satisfied with the results of routine care and cleaning of your Natuzzi leather furniture.

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