How to Track Airline Flights in Real Time

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Several websites track the status of airline flights. Knowing whether a flight is delayed is important information if you are planning on catching a flight. Knowing a flight's arrival status is important if you are going to pick someone up from the airport. If you have Internet access, it takes just a few minutes to find the information you need.

Choose one of the flight tracking websites, Flight Aware or Flight Stats, to track flights' real-time status.

Type the flight number into the blank next to "Flight/Tail #" on Flight Aware or under the tab "By Flight" on Flight Stats. If you do not know the flight number, search for the flight by departure and arrival destinations. On Flight Aware, click on the link "Don't know the flight number?" then type in the requested airport information. On Flight Stats, click on the tab "By Airport" or "By Route," and fill in the requested information. Click on a search button to continue.

Look for the correct flight from a list of flights that matched your search criteria. Click on the flight to see more detailed status information. If you typed in the flight number in Step 2, you will be directly taken to that flight's status information. On both tracking websites, you see departure and arrival times as well as a map with the exact location of the flight if it is en route to its destination.

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