How to clear tar out of a smoker's lungs

If you smoke at home and ever washed your walls, you'll understand what coats the inside of your lungs. The brown tar and nicotine build up that coats the walls and furniture of your home coats the inside of your lungs.

Your body cleanses itself of debris but the smoke and substances in the smoke, often overwhelm and bypass the protective cilia and mucous. This allows the tar to enter the lung. You find it difficult to breathe and have a chronic cough. There are ways to clean the tar out of smoker's lungs.

Quit smoking. The easiest method to clear the lungs of tar is to cease adding it to the lungs. The lungs cleanse out toxins naturally once you cease smoking. Use the other steps in conjunction with smoking cessation.

Eat a sensible diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. The components of garlic, onion, ginger, barley grass, kelp, green tea, and plenty of water also help with your lung's health. The healthier your lungs are, the more they get rid of toxins.

Drink herbal tea. Several herbs have expectorant properties. Some of the herbs for tea include fenugreek, thyme, fennel, and cardamom. Green tea is a powerful antioxidant that also helps fight damage to the lungs.

Increase the amount of exercise you get. To clear your lungs of toxins, you need to get them working. Deep breathing and increased blood flow to the lungs help eliminate some of the toxins. If you've ever exercised and noticed you begin hacking volumes of mucus, that's your body's way of cleaning the lungs.

Take vitamin A to keep your lungs healthy. Two studies involving mice,"Vitamin A Deficiency Injures Lung and Liver Parenchyma and Impairs Function of Rat Type II Pneumocytes" and "Retinoids Have Differing Efficacies on Alveolar Regeneration in a Dexamethasone-Treated Mouse," show that cigarette smoke depleted the lungs of vitamin A and that the lungs' air sacks healed once given vitamin A. Improving your breathing helps clear the tar.

Drink plenty of water. Water helps detoxify and cleanse your system. It also provides fluid for the mucus that cleanses the lungs. According to the Mayo Clinic, one recommendation for intake is eight 236ml glasses of water daily.