How to Use Orajel

Benjamin Earwicker

Orajel is a topical analgesic designed to stop toothaches and other pains that originate in the mouth. Orajel contains benzocaine, which numbs the part of the body it touches by blocking nerve signals that are telling your brain that you should be in pain. Orajel comes in several forms for adults and teething infants.

Brush your teeth so that your mouth is clean before you use Orajel. Make sure that you rinse your mouth out well so that no toothpaste residue remains.

Open the Orajel package and cut the tip off of the tube.

Squeeze a small amount of the Orajel on the pointer finger of your dominant hand.

Hold your mouth open with your free hand and carefully rub the gel on to the area of your mouth that is sore or experiencing an ache.

Wash your hands after you use the Orajel. If you don't wash your hands and you get the Orajel in your eyes, it can cause irritation and damage.

Re-apply as needed, but no more than four times per day.