How to Remove Tooth Stains With an Eraser

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Tobacco, coffee, tea and red wine can stain your teeth. Over time, these stains become more pronounced. Individuals looking to remove stains from their teeth at home have numerous options: whitening toothpastes, mouth rinses and strips, bleaching kits and erasers. These tooth-stain erasers work in the same fashion as pencil erasers. You rub the rubber tip on your tooth stain, and it disappears. Tooth stain erasers are much less expensive than bleaching kits: £2.40 as opposed to £25.90 as of November 2010.

Brush your teeth and rinse thoroughly. You always should spend at least two to three minutes brushing your teeth.

Rub the eraser tip back and forth on your tooth stains. Most erasers come with two different erasing surfaces. Use the bullet-shaped eraser on the flat surfaces of your teeth, and use the pointed surface to reach between your teeth.

Rinse your mouth thoroughly.

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