How to detect microchips in dental fillings

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If you suspect that someone has implanted a microchip in one of your dental fillings, a dental X-ray might confirm or invalidate your suspicions. Dental X-rays work the same way as regular X-rays, providing a fully detailed picture of the inside of your mouth.

While soft tissues such as your skin or your tongue do not show up on a dental X-ray, a metallic implant such as a microchip would appear in full detail.

Locate a dentist in your area and call him to ask if he has the equipment to take dental X-rays.

Ask your dentist for an intraoral X-ray of your full mouth. Intraoral X-rays, as opposed to extraoral X-rays, focus on the teeth rather than the jaw.

Ask your dentist for a copy of your X-rays after the examination. Any implanted microchip in a tooth filling will show up on the X-ray.