How to determine how many curtain rings are needed

Hanging up curtains is a way to give a room some style and class. It can also provide privacy when the curtains are closed. Curtains hang with different types of brackets, rods, hooks and rings. The type of ring you need will be based on the type of curtain you want to hang. Look along the top of the curtain to decide what type of ring you need. Determining how many rings you will need to hang your curtains is an easy task that anyone can perform.

Measure the length of the curtain rod in place on the curtain rod holders to give you an accurate measurement of the area the curtains need to cover.

Take that measurement and divide it by eight. This is the minimum number of rings you want to use to hang the curtain. You can also take the length measurement and divide it by four to get the maximum number of rings you will need. The general rule is to place a ring every four to eight inches.

Determine the weight of the curtains. The weight of the fabric will play a factor in how many rings you need. The heavier the fabric, the more rings you should use. If the fabric is light, use fewer rings.

Attach the curtains to the rings. This process will differ depending on the type of ring you bought. Some curtains have eyelets already installed to loop rings through. Another type of curtain has hooks to use the hook rings with. Another type of ring has clips to clip the curtain to the ring.

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