How to Attach Curtain Rings to Curtains

Hanging curtains is an ideal way to make a window private and spruce up your home decor. Curtains can make a room feel warm and inviting. Matching curtain rods are the perfect accessory to attractive curtains. Curtain rings are a means to attach curtains to curtain rods. Curtain rings come in many different styles, and the way they attach to the rods can differ.

Purchase a rod and rings together that match. If you already have a rod and just need the rings, you can purchase them separately, but buy rings that will match your current rods and curtains. Along with making sure they match the rod and curtains, purchase the type that your curtains will need to hang. This can range from regular snap rings to rings with hooks or rings with clips. Check your curtains to determine which type of ring you need.

Attach the curtain rings to the curtains. The curtain rings will have a specific system for hanging the curtains. Some rings require the curtains to have eyelets to hook the rings through. Other rings come with clips to clip the curtains to the rings. Another type of ring will have a hook at the bottom to hook the curtains through.

Thread the curtain rings through the curtain rod, and put the rod into the holder or brackets. This will complete the hanging of your curtains using curtain rings.

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