How to donate used exercise machines

Many of us have old pieces of exercise equipment lying around the house taking up much needed space. We may have purchased the equipment after making a New Year's resolution to shed unwanted pounds. Or it may have simply been left behind when our children left home to go to college.

There are many ways to donate used exercise or sports equipment. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Gather together all of your old exercise equipment. Repair or clean the equipment, if needed. If a certain piece of equipment uses electricity, make sure that it is in good working order.

Call the Salvation Army and arrange for a pick-up. The Salvation Army is generally willing to collect large-sized objects.

Contact your local YMCA. In some instances, the YMCA will accept donated exercise equipment, if it is in very good condition.

Contact Fitness 4 Charity. (Ref. 1.) This is a not-for-profit charity devoted exclusively to providing exercise equipment for low-income families. Fill out the form on the group's website and add your equipment to the database. The group will contact you to arrange collection.

Advertise your equipment in your local newspaper, on Craig's List, or post flyers in your community. Place them in your local stores and on the bulletin boards of your local churches and social halls. Be specific about what you are giving away.