How to hem sheer curtains

Sheer curtains provide decorative accents and allow ample light to infuse a room. While sheer curtains are available in many sizes, curtains can be prepared using fabric for a more customised look on a budget. Sheer curtains are very light weight and basic considerations are needed to create professional edges. Fusible webbing and clear thread are available at many fabric and craft stores that enable users to quickly and effectively hem sheer fabrics for curtains.

Turn the sheet fabric so that the wrong side is facing up. Fold a half-inch hem with the edges facing up (i.e., hem will be on the back) and insert pins to hold in place.

Crease the folded fabric by pressing the hem on the ironing board using an iron set to the appropriate temperature so that the fabric does not scorch. Allow fabric to cool for a few minutes.

Measure and cut the fusible webbing tape to be slightly shorter than the width of your curtain.

Remove the pins from the hem and insert the fusible webbing close to the exposed edge of your fabric, away from the fold. Insert pins to hold the webbing and fabric together.

Gently iron the hem according to manufacturer's instructions to melt the fusible webbing to the fabric.

Turn the sheer curtain over so that the back (wrong side) is facing up. Create a hem by folding three inches of fabric up and pinning in place.

Iron the hem to crease the fold. Remove the pins and fold up the fabric three inches so that the crease is on top, creating a double hem. Pin the fabric in place.

Iron the newly-pinned hem to crease the bottom fold.

Insert clear thread into the eye of the needle. Blind stitch the top of the hem in place by inserting the needle into the fabric twice and creating a small stitch that is barely visible in the front.

Pull the thread 1/2-inch across the back of the curtain (i.e., on the wrong side) before inserting into the fabric for a small stitch. Repeat stitches approximately 1/2-inch apart for the width of the curtain. Remove pins when sewing is complete.

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