How to Remove a Stuck Cassette From a Car Cassette Deck

Although tape decks no longer come standard in most cars, some older vehicles have cassette decks. If you have a cassette deck in your vehicle and a tape becomes stuck, there are a few ways to remove the tape.

Slide the small flat head screwdriver into the tape deck and underneath the tape.

Insert the needle-nose pliers into the tape deck and grab hold of the end of the tape.

Lift up with the screwdriver as you pull out gently with the pliers.

Wiggle slightly as you pull the tape back.

Look at your car manual for how to remove the tape deck from the dashboard if needed to get the tape out of the deck. Typically, the covering of centre dash display can be popped open and removed without any tools.

Pull the tape deck free and unplug the cables connected to its backside.

Use a Philips screwdriver on the outside screws holding the top of the tape deck's casing to the bottom. Remove these screws and lift open the top of the tape deck. Pull out and remove the tape.

Reassemble the tape deck and reconnect it to the wiring. Place it back into the centre dash and snap the pieces back into place.

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