How to obtain your immunization record

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An immunisation record is a medical record of all the vaccinations you received during childhood and as an adult. School registration, certain types of jobs, and travelling abroad may require you to have a current record for verification purposes. Sometimes immunisation records are misplaced and a new copy is needed. This article will give you the steps to find or obtain a new copy of your record.

Look through your medical and personal records at home. Check your baby book or scrapbook with memorabilia. Ask your parents if they still have a copy of your immunisation records from childhood.

Contact your doctor and ask if he/she has your immunisation record. The doctor may have a complete or a partial record.

Contact the family doctor you had from childhood. Also check with the school you last attended--it may have your records, which were required at registration.

Call the state health department and ask if they have a copy of your records. If you have military records, check those, too.

Obtain a new immunisation record from your doctor, if you are unable to get your complete immunisation record after checking these sources. It may be necessary to get revaccinated or take blood tests to prove your immunity to certain diseases.

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