How to make a caveman costume for kids

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Children's costumes seem to get more expensive as the years go on. With special outfits to purchase and accessories as well, the total price can add up very quickly. Thankfully, there are alternatives to purchasing expensive costumes. There are several children's costumes that can be made at home. The difficulty level will depend on the type of costume that you are making. If you're looking for a cool looking costume that is cheap and easy to put together, then a children's caveman costume is for you.

Fold your leopard printed felt in half, lining up the ends. If you prefer you can use fake fur or colourful zebra printed fabric. Your local hobby store should have a wide variety of fabric for you to choose from.

Make a space for your child's head and neck by cutting a hole in the centre of the fabric (at the fold).

Place the fabric over your child's head and tie the rope around their waist to secure the fabric.

Mess up the hair of the wig by pulling it in different directions. Using your hair brush "rat" the hair of your wig by combing the hair toward the scalp of the wig. This will make the hair stand on end. Place the wig on your child's head.

Using your brown make-up, dab it onto your child's face, feet and hands to make them look dirty. You can smear and smudge the make-up to make it look authentic.

Accessorise their costume with fake teeth (you can find them at any joke shop or 25 cent vending machine), a dog bone and a pair of sandals or furry boots.

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