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How to find a pay phone

Updated March 23, 2017

Pay phones get a bit less common each year with the ever-expanding popularity and availability of mobile phones. The days of finding a phone booth on every corner may be gone, but there are still many places to find a pay phone when access to a cell phone may not be possible. Knowing where to look can make it easier to make that call.

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  1. Stop at the nearest petrol station or convenience store. Most still have a pay phone either inside, outside or in the car park. There's almost always a petrol station nearby; these places are still the best bet for finding a pay phone.

  2. Go to a major retail store like Wal-Mart or Target. Pay phones can usually be found near the entrance/exit doors; ask at the customer service counter if you can't find one.

  3. Shopping centres and malls are also likely spots for finding pay phones, especially near the food court or movie theatres. Ask at one of the mall customer service booths for assistance in finding one.

  4. Look in a chain restaurant or diner. Restaurants like Perkins, Denny's, Village Inn and other eating establishments frequently have pay phones near the front counter.

  5. Check public transportation areas--bus and train stations, or the airport.

  6. Check the street corners. In bigger cities, pay phones can still be found on many street corners, so finding one shouldn't take too long.

  7. Tip

    Have enough change for the call you need to make.

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