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How to activate a Vodafone IOU

Updated February 21, 2017

The Vodafone mobile phone network offers an IOU service on its prepaid mobile phones that, as of 2014, allows you to borrow £3 worth of calling credit. To use the IOU service, you need to opt in by activating Vodafone IOU. You can do this by sending a text message to Vodafone. Once you've opted in, Vodafone adds the £3 IOU credit to your balance and sends you a text to let you know. You'll only be able to get one credit between each phone top up.

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  1. Open the text messaging application on your Vodafone mobile phone. In most cases, select the "Messages" or "Messaging" option.

  2. Text "IOU" to "468." "468" should appear in the "Send to" field of your mobile phone's text messaging app, and "IOU" should appear in the message "Subject" field.

  3. Press the "Send" button on your mobile phone to activate the Vodafone IOU.

  4. Tip

    To qualify for the service you must have been a Vodafone pay as you go customer for at least seven days; topped up at least £5 so far; and be 18 or over.

    You will pay the IOU amount back when you next top up your Vodafone prepaid account.

    You can use Vodafone IOUs multiple times. However, you must pay back the IOU before your can activate a new IOU.


    There is a service charge of 30p every time you use a Vodafone IOU.

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