How to Decorate a White & Taupe Bedroom

Are you constantly so stressed that you are unable to feel calm and tranquil even within your bedroom, which is meant to be the ultimate safe haven in a home?

If so, consider redecorating your bedroom in neutral white and taupe shades, along with accents in warm colours such as gold, to help you transform your bedroom into a serene sanctuary. As a result, you will look forward to relaxing in your bedroom at the end of each day.

Paint the bedroom walls taupe. Consider accenting the wall behind your bed or another wall that you want to make stand out by applying a thicker, more opaque layer of taupe paint to that wall.

Make the bed with linens in a shade of taupe that is different from that which you used on the walls. Ideally, the bed frame and any other pieces of furniture should be a dark shade of brown---a colour characteristic of wood such as mahogany and oak. Accent the bedding with white or off-white throw pillows or a small white blanket placed at the foot of the bed.

Cover a dark coloured floor entirely with white carpeting or spread a smaller white throw rug by the bed.

Hang white drapes in the bedroom windows. If you plan on adding finials or buying new drape rods instead of using the existing ones, opt for golden tones to add a touch of warmth to the neural taupe and white colours.

Display photographs and prints in white frames, arranging them on the taupe walls and on furniture as you wish.

Use light fixtures that incorporate white. Put a lamp with a white lamp shade on the nightstand or table. Alternatively, hang a chandelier that has a white fixture from the ceiling.